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CEO J. James Beaudoin will be the featured guest on the CWF Game Cast podcast Episode 42. The CWF Game Cast is the gaming blog and podcast operated by PR Coordinator Jonathan J. Reinhart that focuses on historical and New England gaming. The podcast is co-hosted by Jonathan and by Tom Barbalet. Tom is the creator of the Noble Ape simulation and an A.I. expert who has met Steve Wozniak and routinely writes textbook chapters.

Joe will discuss a myriad of topics such as FrakMedia! Productions, the Battlestar Wiki, his writing, maintaining a fan community, and gaming. Please look for his appearance by going to CWF Game Cast Podcasts (you can also find and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes). It should go live December 6th or 7th.

PR Coordinator Jonathan J. Reinhart is also the owner of the CWF Game Cast.

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As PR Coordinator for Frakmedia LLC I get to do a lot of cool and fun things. One of these pertains to my personal gaming blog, the CWF Game Cast, where I discuss non-electronic gaming (RPGs, tabletop, historical, miniatures, collectible card/miniatures, etc) and New England/Massachusetts gaming in particular.

Today is the first day of a week-long contest, the first on my blog, where you can win FREE product. You can win a booster for Axis & Allies Minis or War at Sea (both produced by Wizards of the Coast) courtesy of my blog’s sponsor 12-7-Games. If you’re a gamer then you’ll want to take a quick moment to enter the contest. And if you’re not a gamer you’ll still want to because who doesn’t love free stuff?

Learn how to enter and win by going to my contest post, Win a FREE Axis & Allies Minis or War at Sea Booster. It won’t take more than a few moments of your time (less than a minute) to enter and you could be the winner. The contest ends on Saturday, September 11, 2010 so you have until then to enter. The winner will be announced on Sunday, September 12, 2010.

Good luck to you all!

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Under the FrakMedia! Productions banner, I’ve released two plugins for WordPress. They are:

  • jQuery Countdown Clock Widget (version 0.1 beta)

    A simple widget that uses the jQuery countdown library to generate an event countdown, and integrates completely with WordPress and is visually customizable using CSS.

  • Featured Gallery Widget (Verison 0.1)

    A simple widget that allows you to insert the needed PHP call in any widgeted area of your WordPress website, as so long as you are using a widgeted theme. In order to use this theme, you need to have the Featured Content Gallery plugin installed and configured.

These plugins have been submitted to WordPress so we can include them on’s plugin repository. Once it’s in the repository, you’ll then be able to search for it from within your dashboard’s plugin installer. Until that happens, we offer each plugin as a download, which you will have to upload to your webserver manually via FTP.

Should you have any questions about our plugins, please use our contact form. Thank you all!

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I was reading Matt Mullenweg’s blog recently and saw a post that invigorated me. Matt blogged about the P2 theme for WordPress and how it changed Automattic (the makers of WordPress).

At the BSG Wiki, and BSG Forum, we have a myriad of internal communication methods. But, like Automattic there has always been a disconnect. We communicate well but need to communicate better and more efficiently. The P2 theme is our solution.

We are pleased to announce the implementation of a new internal blog running P2. This will allow us to coordinate our many projects to be sure that we’re projecting a unified message. We will use it to better coordinate work on the wiki. We will use it to better plan how we use Facebook and Twitter. We will use it to think outside the box. We will use it to better promote the forum. We will use it to be a better organization. We will use it to provide better customer service.

If you’re reading this and are one of our staffers, then you need to e-mail,, or myself ( to setup your account. If you are one of the many BSG fans, then know that we are doing everything we can to better serve you.

So say we all!
Jonathan, PR Coordinator

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With the release of Star Trek Online MMO, FrakMedia! Productions, LLC is launching a new community forum for the Star Trek Online game.

This site is going to boldly go where no Star Trek Online gamer has gone before bringing people together for the massive multiplayer online game where people and their avatars are able to explore the Star Trek universe. Any one is able to join to be able to start their own Star Fleet group in the forum or look for one to join using the tools provided by the system. An added benefit is being able to fully participate in the number of forums for the game to help you learn about the universe and make your playing experience better.

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One of the many tools I use to figure out color combination the Color Scheme Designer website. This site allows you to insert your primary color and you have the option of showing the triad, complement, traid, tetrad, analogic, and accented analogies of the base color you specify.

The site allows you to save all the values in a HTML file so you don’t have to come back to the site, but you can always bookmark the scheme so you can share it with friends or your design team. It even allows you preview a mini design of the colors selected.

You could in theory use this for any purpose including painting your home or apartment and not just websites.

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Just to let the masses know, the Battlestar Wiki is now out of ‘Case Orange’ mode and ready to be worked on! We have lot of work to do! Enjoy the new speed!

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We are back up and running! After over a weeks time, I am glad we are back online. We have transferred over 6.8GB worth of databases, wiki files, and media (images and sound files) through the internet from three different providers when trying to get back online.

From our original host ‘The Planet‘ to ‘Media Temple (mt)’ and now.. pair Networks.

Media Temple (our host for everything else) has really helped us in trying to get us online and allowing us to try different services they offer to help get the Wiki online. Because our popularity they could not accommodate us with the needs our site needs. (We get about 438 unique hits a minute.)

The pair Networks approached us during our down time and offered to lend a hand and was able to get our server up and running within less than 48 hours after we agreed to a deal for hosting. Both hosting networks should be thanked very much in helping us get back and looking for the right solution.

Myself and Joe would like to thank ‘The Planet’ for the year of service that they provided hosting both Apollo and Athena servers during our huge and crazy growth and ‘Media Temple’ for their help. For the foreseeable future we are going to be stable with what we have on ‘pair Networks‘.

Enjoy the wiki and so say we all!

P.S. The Battlestar Wiki blog will be up soon!

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As most of you know, the wiki has been offline for over a week now. We been working with Media Temple to get the server working and we had to move to another host just for the Battlestar Wiki itself. Those details will be forthcoming.

As of this post all the databases and files (images, code, etc) have been moved to the new server. We are awaiting access to be able to install:

  • Webmin
  • Squid

Even though our server for the Battlsetar Wiki is huge, we are still going to run the site behind the Squid Server to reduce the load as much as possible, even though the server has the resources to handle almost every request known to man even during the busy periods. This will just help out so we can have the two times the heavy load periods (usually before and after an episode airs).

Also, we had maintained a separate blog (Called “Case Orange”) for emergencies, we are just going to keep all those types of posts here under the main FrakMedia! Productions, LLC blog to keep things simple enough.

Thanks for your continued patience. So say we all!

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First thing is first: Welcome to the new and improved FrakMedia! Productions Website! After the many years where I would cringe at our main site design, we decided to update it with a new and improved version building the design from the ground up.

Now for the real news.

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