6 Ways Bitly Can Supercharge Your Mobile Strategy


Bitly works closely with many customers on enabling links for deep linking – so brands can send mobile visitors directly to apps instead of browsers – we paid close attention to how this change affected the overall experience for mobile visitors. Especially since links are at the core of Universal Links and Android’s App Links… and links are kind of our thing.   

This is great news if your brand has an app. When you enable Universal Links for your website, you are essentially building out an easy, organic way to create app re-engagement. Any visitor with the app installed will be taken to your app rather than your homepage. This can be critical for ecommerce, media, finance, and other industries where apps offer a better mobile experience than websites.

At bitly, we’ve worked hard to create easy ways to launch app install and re-engagement campaigns at scale. For us, it all comes down to personalizing every customer’s journey when they click a link.

  1. App Installs & Engagement  

Universal Links is a boon for app re-engagement, because any mobile web visitor with the app installed will be taken into the app instead of to the website. However, that still leaves a big opportunity on the table when it comes to promoting app engagement. And that’s all done through deep links that can drive the user to the best possible experience.

With Mobile Optimizer, you can use Bitly Deep Links to promote downloads or drive users without the app to the app store. After the user installs the app, he or she is taken to the exact piece of content that they originally clicked.

This creates a better customer experience, because new users will always be sent to the right place every time. You can also create personalized on-boarding content that specifically drives their journey.

  1. Branded Short Links

With Bitly Enterprise, every link – including deep links and domains that are enabled for Universal Links that direct users right to the app – are branded. In addition to building brand awareness, branded links see up to a 34% increase in engagement compared to unbranded links.

This helps create a consistent user experience across every channel, building trust and credibility. Since your audience is interacting with your content across so many different channels, it’s important to make sure that every touch point is branded and optimized for the best mobile experience.

  1. Metrics for App Opens & Store Visits

With Bitly Mobile Optimizer, each Bit link personalizes the customer journey depending on each customer’s device type. The link automatically measures each app open, store visit, and mobile and desktop devices from each click. That way, you can start analyzing the success of app promotion campaigns without changing your workflow.

  1. Cross-Channel App Discovery

There’s a big challenge when you’re promoting your own app on social: Twitter and Face book don’t support Universal or App Links. You can’t link out of these walled gardens to your own app, which means the only way to promote your app on social networks is to create a paid social campaign.

Deep links can also be used in emails and text messages, sending your customers to exactly the right place in the app. By doing this, you can create a consistent customer experience that’s personalized for however and wherever they view your brand.

  1. Auto-Branding that Leads to More App Installs

So if someone shares a story on Face book from a news site with Bitly Deep Links enabled, anyone who clicks the link will be taken directly into the app or the app store. The bloggers, influencers, fans, followers, customers, and prospects who look at your content become brand advocates who help promote your app to existing users and new users alike.

  1. The Bitly API & Partner Integrations

Just like the rest of bitly solutions, Bitly’s Mobile Optimizer is completely customizable. We integrate with 150+ 3rd-party publishers, CRMs, and other tools. That includes SMS and social sharing platforms that can help supercharge app install and engagement campaigns. Best of all, you can do this just by switching out your links. That means no complicated systems have to be changed and none of your workflow gets disrupted.

One major apparel brand uses a third-party SMS service that texts app users whenever they get close to a brick-and-mortar store. Each text has a unique Bit link in it that is generated automatically by the Bitly API, offering a personalized landing page for every mobile user.

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